The Key to Getting Your Ex Back is to Make Them Curious About You Again! 4 Tips on How to Do That

Published: 07th September 2010
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Curiosity might have killed the cat but if you do not manage to arouse the curiosity of your ex again, you might as well have killed your relationship for good.

Use these vital tips if you want your ex to become curious about you again so that you can open the channels of communication again.

o Think about what raises your ex's antenna: One general technique will not work for everyone. The first step is to delve deep into your ex's mind and think about how to raise his/her curiosity. Merely getting your ex into a panic by raising a false alarm will only result in your ex shunning your forever.

Think like a telemarketer so as to arouse the interest of your ex when you call or leave a message.

o Half a compliment can do the trick: Your ex's curiosity is sure to be aroused once you leave half a compliment on his/her answering machine. Thank your ex for any help extended by him/her or any gift or book given by him/her to you but keep the message vague. Inform your ex that you would like to thank him/her personally.

Such an incomplete compliment will please your ex but also make him/her curious to learn more about the reason for the compliments. He/she will call back to learn the truth and you can now maneuver the conversation in a direction of your choice.

o Attract your ex with your indifference: Instead of begging or pleading with your ex for a reunion or informing your ex about every minor detail in your life post your breakup, make it a point to ignore your ex.

Carry on with your life, socialize, party and in general pretend to enjoy life without your ex, irrespective of your true feelings. Your ex will be perturbed by your behavior and might also get afraid that you might simply move on. Your ex will now start keeping tabs on you as his/her curiosity gains an upper hand.

o Use the green tool called jealousy: One risky move, albeit with instant results is jealousy. If you can act as if you are getting serious about someone else then your ex is sure to sit up and notice your antics.

Your ex's jealousy will get activated if he/she still has feelings for you and your ex is sure to try hard to throw a spanner in your new relationship while making a bid to claim your hand again.

These tips are sure to get your ex's attention and raise his/her curiosity levels to a state of action. Use them and watch your ex make concrete moves to cement your broken relationship again.

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