The Explicit Technique Which Will Force Your Ex to Regret Breaking Up With You! This Works Fast!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Your ex broke up with you and they think they are right. They ignore you a lot now and act as if they never loved you. But what if there was a way to make your ex REGRET breaking up with you?

Well don't break out your evil laugh just yet, because this explicit technique will literally FORCE your ex to regret breaking up with you...

The VOID technique

Just like scrooge regretted being a miser once he was shown how wrong his ways are, you are going to do the same thing with your ex! But instead of showing them how much they are hurting you, you are going to show them how much they HURT not to have you.

Take for instance someone who loses something valuable, they instantly want it back. Like a lost wallet, or even worse... The same thing applies hear when you void the person of that thing. So you are going to literally become void from your ex's life.

They wanted you GONE... so DISAPPEAR! Heck, even ignore your ex completely even if you work together or live close by... Basically what this will do, is it will make your ex feel as though they have lost something.

The reason this works, is because your ex is so used to having you around, and they don't realize they miss you yet, because you are always making yourself endlessly available. BUT, the minute you disappear, your ex will be feeling VOID and will start to wonder where you are and what you are doing.

The REPLACEMENT technique

So you want to FORCE them to regret breaking up with you, and after you have used the void technique long enough, you will find that your ex seems to have gone "bazerk", because they will feel emotionally deprived and psychologically deprived of attention and approval.

As human beings, we grow addicted to the attention we gain from others, and we also grow used to it and just automatically expect it, especially from those close to us, such as friends and family. This means we expect them to fulfill some of our needs, such as the need to feel loved, liked, wanted, etc...

But, when you take that away from your ex, he/she will instantly have a psychological response which puts them into withdrawal where they will literally seek to get these things from you again.

However, you will use the REPLACEMENT technique to convince your ex that you are now giving all of your affection to someone else (by dating someone new, or flirting with people). This will force your ex to want you back and regret breaking up with you, because in turn it will make your ex ragingly jealous.

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