The Best Way to Get Your Ex Back is to Start Playing Too Hard to Get! Read This to Find Out How

Published: 07th September 2010
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If you have been desperately trying to win over your ex then throwing yourself at your ex will not work at all. Your ex would simply scoot away in another direction or bluntly tell you to stop.

Instead, attract your ex back towards you by playing hard to get. Here are some tips that could result in your ex chasing you for a reunion.

Stop showing yourself for a fortnight. You will have to first break the cycle of throwing yourself at your ex each day. Pack your bags and retire for a vacation on the beach or up on the hills for a fortnight.

You will now have time to think calmly even as you offer space to your ex to first cool down and then think about where you might have disappeared to.

Repack yourself to cause renewed attraction. If you appear before your ex with a dull and tired face then that will only put him/her off. Visit a spa and a salon to get the right skin and body treatment to look refreshed. Do this during your vacation so that you arrive back on the scene with a visual bang.

Encourage common friends to praise you. You can also rope in a few common friends to keep on complimenting about your new looks. These compliments will slowly eat into the heart of your ex and he/she too will start to notice you in new light. Indifference will slowly get turned into curious attraction.

Get busy in organizing your own life. Even as you offer a visually stunning view to your ex, make sure that you get busy in organizing your own life. Go to work, get into an exercise routine and party with friends to show your ex that you are handling the breakup in a mature manner, and are even having fun while doing so. Your ex too will want to become part of that fun once again.

Maintain distance from your ex. Even if your ex now starts bumping into you at the corner or at a party, maintain your distance. Talk politely with him/her but move after a short while to mingle with other guests, especially those that seem interested in your new looks and single status.

A little heartburn can turn up the heat. You can now play harder to get by flirting with other singles at parties. Your ex will surely notice other bees buzzing around you and feelings of jealousy will now blend with feelings of desire to get back with you again.

Keep up the suspense. Even though you might maintain a healthy distance from your ex, keep on confusing him/her by calling up only once in a while or helping out when needed. This will keep your ex in a perplexed state of mind and pretty soon, your ex will ask for a meeting where he/she can openly express those hidden desires to you.

These tips will end your chase towards your ex, which anyway would not have been fruitful, and instead get your ex to start chasing you.

Play hard to get while observing your ex's reactions and stop playing it when the time is ripe for reconciliation.

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