The Best Way to Get Your Ex Back is to Act As If You Don't Care Anymore! A Must Read For You

Published: 01st September 2010
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Going forward after a breakup can be incredibly difficult. One of the most common post-relationship problems, apart from sadness, is feeling stuck in the past. You may already be doing many things to resolve this, but one thing is for sure, you still want your ex so badly you're willing to do everything and anything just so he'd come back to you.

In this case, not doing anything would probably be the quickest route to get him back. Yes, acting as if you don't care anymore would surely make him wonder and propel him to make the move. So how will you do this?

A helpful exercise is to avoid places he frequents for at least a month. Instead, allow yourself to indulge only in memories of him. This way, once you see him in person, you'll act as if you've been seeing him daily that it's nothing new to you. Acting like you don't care, after a period of non-communication, would surprise him especially if he's excited to see you.

Remind yourself that this is just temporary. That it's for your own good. If you're tempted to lavish him with your undivided attention, close your eyes, take a deep breath and walk the other way. If he runs after you, tell him you're busy and make a date to meet on a certain day then don't show up. This will irritate him in a good way.

Don't attempt to quit cold turkey especially if he's not showing any signs of renewed affection for you. If you go back to your old way in the middle of your charade, you're just back to square one and it would be much harder to convince him you don't care the second time around.

Acting as if you don't care about him is difficult if you're leading an empty life. While you're role playing, surround yourself with well-meaning people and interesting activities. You might soon discover that having a full quality life is enough that getting him back is just a bonus.

Just think of the reward once he's back in your arms. That's your great consolation after all the hard work of being indifferent and projecting a "devil may care" attitude. Although old habits die hard, try not to go back to the old you. Focus on the end-product, not the process but the end-product. It may be the ultimate step to reconciliation.

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