The Best Way to Get a Man Addicted to You is to Make Him Miss You More! Here is Exactly How to Do It

Published: 09th August 2010
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Men are very demanding when it comes to relationships, however there are complexities about them that women cannot just simply set aside. Men may have high interest in their partners, but the challenge on women to keep the interest of their men consistently focused on them is actually not that complicated, they are just simple things that may be complied with convenience.

Something that you need to know about men- Men may demand so much from a relationship, they would want your attention most often, but the truth is if you give them more attention than what is necessary, they will begin to lose that interest in you.

Understanding your own interest as compared to that of men- usually women would like to spend time with friends and enjoy fine entertainment, leisure and bonding or have emotional moments. Men on the other hand are different, they are the exact opposite. So it is important not to impress them that much as they may not appreciate it.

Men's affectionate expression, don't follow what they do - The tendency of women is emulating what men does to them. Don't give men the attention that you think would best impress them. When your partner gives you something, a present or anything to please you don't return the gesture by giving presents as well.

Challenge them by being filled with mystery - men naturally would chase women, that is how they are pre-programmed. If you give them more attention than necessary, you'll end up losing them instead. Be mysterious and do not show much of yourself to your partner, remain elusive and he will chase after you most often.

Avoid overdoing your creativity in pleasing your man - If possible do not try and impress your lover like there is no tomorrow. Be moderate in what you do, when you give him your attention be neutral and stay calm, the more you keep of yourself the more men would like to chase you.

Being together -When you are together you may show and manifest warmth, being sweet and caring will imprint that memory on the minds of men, surely he will miss that whenever you're not around. It is something that he will look for.

Give him time and space - the technology now a-days makes communication a little bit annoying. What I mean is that, text messaging and the portability of a cell phone makes communication a lot easier. If you want your man to miss you more, give him space and time. If he notes that you don't give him that much attention, he'll be chasing you for it.

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