Sure Shot Psychological Ways to Get Your Ex Back! You Don't Want to Miss This at Any Possible Cost

Published: 10th September 2010
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Breakups can be very distressful leaving you completely shattered. But if after the breakup you are still not sure that it was right for you both and want to mend the broken hearts, then there are couple of rules that are to be followed. As it is rightly said that most of the wars are half won by making the right moves, so don't be disheartened and pull yourself up and be prepared to win your ex back. Find some psychosomatic tips which if followed will make your ex lover come running to your arms.

Do not act desperate
One of the most common mistakes that we make is acting desperate to get back immediately after the breakup by either constantly calling or texting or knocking on the door, but this does not take you anywhere and makes your chances bleaker. If there's one thing you have to avoid, is look desperate to get back together. Giving time to your partner to think alone as to what went wrong and where, will raise the chances of them giving it another shot as the more time they spend thinking about what happened to your relationship, the more chance they has to assess their feelings for you.

Appear confident
Projection of a confident personality is very appealing. Your walk, dress and act should be that of a rock star which will make your ex-lover think twice before losing on you. Make sure that they have a feel that you are doing perfectly fine after the breakup as this might make them worried about you getting involved with someone else and would like to get back instantly.

Maintain distance but act friendly
Show them your cool attitude and be casual in your approach without making it look desperate. Be friendly but do not be overly friendly as it might make things obvious. Do not completely ignore because that may push them away.

Show the side of you they fell in love with
As we move along in a relationship we tend to forget the things that we liked about each other at the first place. Try and find out the things that impressed your partner when you first met and redo those things and make them feel that you are still the same old person they fell in love with.

It is always easier said than done but if you have the right approach and are confident then chances of getting back with your ex become higher.

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