Sure Fire Ways to Attract a Man! Here Are the Secrets to Attracting the Man of Your Dreams Fast

Published: 01st September 2010
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There are various ways by which you can ensure that the man you like gets attracted only towards you. The key is to let him know that you are interested in him without looking desperate.

Here are some ways to attract a man and reeling him towards you even as other girls watch in amazement and disappointment.

Have body, will flaunt In order to attract a man, you should use all legal means at your disposal. Thus, if you have a great body, then flaunt it to catch his attention instantly. Make sure to do it in style otherwise the man will only have the wrong idea inside his one-track mind.

Have eyes, will hypnotize Your eyes too can be put to good use to attract him like a helpless moth towards fire. Look at him at regular intervals before looking away with a shy smile. Your man will now forget his own name as he inches closer towards you.

Have brain, will use Once your man approaches you with a unique or sad opening line, make sure to talk to him confidently. Start out with simple small talk while finding out what compels him to speak out animatedly, before conversing with him on a similar level. Let your confidence and knowledge about a particular topic impress him while also attracting his brain towards yours.

Have integrity, will maintain Do not try to lie or act as if you know about a particular topic if you do not. Lying on your first meeting will start the relationship on the wrong note and in case your man finds out later then it will surely end badly, while talking about something that you are ignorant about will only make you look like a fool.

Have confidence, will retain Do not look or act desperate even if you notice your dream man approaching you. You should retain your own confidence and even talk with other guys so as to make yourself seem even more attractive to the man since men do love to chase a girl that is desired by many.

Have mystery, will reveal You should maintain mental and physical distance from the man of your dreams even as you might desperately want to hug him and tell him all about your life right from the day your were born. Instead, let the garb of mystery envelop you as you simply promise to reveal a little more as time goes by. This will attract your man towards you even as his mind yearns to know all about you.

Have optimism, will spread Even though the future might not work out with the current man of your dreams, do not let pessimistic thoughts cloud your mind. Remain optimistic and happy about the present and the future too. Your happiness and positive attitude will rub-off on your man even as he stays happily attracted in your joyful company.

If you use these ways to attract a man then you will certainly manage to sweep him right off his feet and he will now try desperately to win your heart by making all the required moves.

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