Super Fast Ways to Pull Your Ex Back! Now You Will See Some Real Changes in Your Situation

Published: 07th September 2010
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In your depressive state after the breakup, you might have ignored some ex-pulling moves that might be staring at your face. Pay heed to these 7 tips and pull your ex back in just days!

Show your ex that you have accepted the breakup
Instead of bawling your eyes whenever you spot your ex, retain your composure and show your ex that you have accepted the breakup. This will not seem threatening to your ex in any way and he/she is sure to relax in your presence again.

Give your ex some breathing space
Instead of breathing down the neck of your ex, give him/her some breathing space while upgrading your looks and attitude at the same time. This will ensure a double-whammy when your ex starts missing you and gets floored by your new looks once he/she glances towards you after a few days.

Move your spruced-up body away from your ex
Your ex might be secretly sorry for having broken up with you and feelings of desire might have been aroused within him/her. But do not rush back into his/her arms at the first sight of those mournful eyes. Stretch your distance for a few days more so that your ex is compelled to act to win you back.

Mingle with others to tingle your ex's heart
Instead of sadly sipping your drink in a corner at any party, make sure that you mingle with all except your ex. Throw subtle glances towards your ex but make sure to lightly flirt with others. This will ensure that feelings of jealousy boil within your ex and feelings of passion arise again from your ex again.

Apologize for any wrongdoing from your end
To confuse your ex further, make it a point to apologize to your ex when you meet him/her or write a letter of apology and deliver it to him/her. This move will release any pent-up anger bottled within your ex and wipe the slate clean for a reunion while renewed feelings of desire will egg on your ex to make a move towards winning you back.

Remind your ex tactfully about your rich past spent together
In order to stir up emotions further, remind your ex tactfully about the rich past that you had spent together, including places you might have visited or special moments that you might have spent together. You ex will start missing you more than ever now.

Step up the pressure to initiate action
Finally, indicate through mutual friends that you might just get whisked away by another suitor if your ex does not act quickly to claim you back. Your warm and cordial attitude along with a little light flirting will have prodded loving-yet-jealous feelings from within your ex and he/she will need no further prod to step into the arena of love and claim you back.

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