Stop Worrying About Getting Your Ex Back As That Will Push Your Ex Further Away! Read This Right Now

Published: 07th September 2010
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They are bending over backwards to avoid you at all costs. What are they thinking? Can't they see you belong together? Whatever you did to get your ex to be avoiding you can be fixed if you try one of these four simple tips. They will soon get that restraining order revoked and will be on speaking terms again. Who knows? If you play these tips right, they'll probably start following you around.

o Start avoiding your ex: The last thing your ex is expecting is for you to avoid them as well. They are probably used to the fact that you were always around and trying to get their attention. They were accustomed to being your everything.

Surprise them by dropping all phone calls or attempts to be around them. Once they live a couple of days without your text messages or sweet answering machine messages, they will start regretting they ever let you go.

o "Moving on" attitude: Let the whole world know that you are ready to move on. Get back to work and do everything you can to get back on track towards your financial and workplace goals.

Your ex will be baffled to see you so goal-oriented and will start to wonder if they have really lost you. This will definitely make them very nervous and they will stop avoiding you. In fact, they will try to get closer to you to see what you are up to.

o Hang out with their family and close friends: It's not illegal to continue to visit your ex's family, if they'll have you. The family is the best way to keep tabs on what your ex is doing.

They are also the best way to let your ex know how you are doing. If you show them your "moving on" attitude, your ex will know about before nightfall. Their family will surely advise them to think things over before you are gone for good. And at the same time...The family will act as a shortcut and will aid you a lot in getting your ex back.

o Hit the dating scene again: If your ex is still unsure of getting back together with you, the final straw is to see you on a date with someone else!
Let your ex find out - or see for themselves - that you are back on the dating scene. They won't be able to help but feel jealous and hurt that you are with someone else already.

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