Stop Forcing Or Begging Your Ex to Take You Back! Use These 4 Proven Tricks Which Work

Published: 07th September 2010
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Blame it on bad luck. Blame it on bad location or bad timing or inconsistencies, but blaming everything and everybody else won't bring him right back to you. But don't get the wrong idea; you may not be at fault either. What you must do is figure out what went wrong with the relationship and learn from it. At this point, it's your choice.

You can either move on or win back your ex. Here are the psychological tricks to help you get your ex back:

Don't Appear Desperate:
You had him and you lost him. Now you fear that you won't win him back. Fear makes us desperate. And when he sees how desperate you are, this would only make him squirm loose of you. It makes him uneasy. Besides, desperate people are not fun to be with. So don't act or be desperate. Everything will fall into place if you just let it be.

The psychological effect: simply put it will drive your ex nuts, because they will be expecting to see you become desperate. Your ex wants you to run around and chase them like crazy, but when this doesn't happen, you are instantly making your ex feel as if they are going to lose you.

Practice Eye Contact:
Always look the person in the eye. Few people have that ability but when you have it, people would be entranced. If you're good at eye contact, you can walk up to him and lock eyes. This would create a certain intensity in just a short time.

The psychological effect: Your ex has once liked you, and if you command them to look you straight in the eyes, you are acting in an intimidating manner, yet at the same time, you are keeping some sort of contact, which will remind your ex that they still like you.

Know Your Worth:
It will take time because old habits die hard. You have to see past through your negativities before you can reach enlightenment. You are the prize to be won here, so act like it. You may not feel like it, but trust me, if you don't feel it, your ex won't either. Play hard to get and value yourself like there is no tomorrow.

The psychological effect: Your confidence will make your ex seek your approval. Your ex will want you back, because you not putting them on a pedestal, and you are respecting yourself.

Play it cool and never let him see you sweat:
This is an offshoot of number 2. When people are really confident, it shows. They do not enter relationships looking for hints as to whether they are alright or not. They enter relationships thinking what they can contribute to make a relationship better. They give without losing themselves in the process. If this is your attitude, your ex would want to be with you again.

The psychological effect: In the end, your ex will go nuts just because you are not going crazy. Your ex will wonder if you have moved on, or if you are dating someone else, and this will create a fear that your ex won't be able to get over, until they are back with you.

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