So You Love Your Ex Girlfriend But She Keeps on Ignoring You? Here is the Advice You Need to Read

Published: 10th September 2010
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Are you hurt because your ex girlfriend is ignoring and you still care for her? Well, if you are yet to move on and are hanging on to your feelings for her, then maybe it is time to find out what to do if your ex girlfriend continues to ignore you. Strive to find out the root cause of why she is doing so. There are many different reasons why your ex may not want to talk to you -

Maybe she is still emotionally hurt from the breakup - One of the reasons why ex girlfriend is ignoring you could be that she is still hurting from the wound you inflicted on her during the breakup of your relationship.

She is trying to attract your attention - Consider this possibility. Maybe your ex girlfriend is unable to get over you and is trying to attract your attention by ignoring you. If so, continue to be around her and she will definitely melt and resume conversation with you very soon.

She wants space to get over her anger - Maybe you have actually been very harsh on her and she is still boiling with anger. If so, give her enough space and allow the anger to ebb before you approach and talk to her.

Maybe that's her way of coping with stress - Different people have different ways of dealing with stress in life. Maybe her way of showing you how depressed and stressed she is because of the breakup is by ignoring you.

Ignoring you could be a tactic - The very fact that you continue to notice her behaviour shows that you are hurt from being ignored. Maybe she is simply using it as a tactic to hurt your feelings as much as you have hurt hers, all the time wanting to get back to you.

Sending you a strong message that she does not want to speak with you again - This could be a possibility too. Maybe she is unable to get over the breakup and does not want to have to do anything with you anymore. If so, it is a good idea respecting her feelings and allowing her to move on.

She has actually moved on - She could be signalling to you that she has moved on and does not want to be disturbed again. Maybe she is even dating other guys or is just happy with her life as it is. In any case, the best thing to do is to leave her alone and get on with your life.

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