Sneaky Ways to Get Your Ex Curious About You Again! This Might Be Tricky But Sure Does Work Well

Published: 07th September 2010
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After breaking up with your ex, you realized that you are still madly in love with him/her and that you can't live without him/her in your life. However, despite those realizations, you can't ignore the fact that you have broken up with him/her and you need to patch things up first.

Getting your ex back can be a little difficult, but there are some sneaky ways that you can do to get your ex curious about you again and make him/her back in your life.

1. Ignore your ex...Which indirectly means a soft rejection...

After your breakup, your former partner would expect you to be chasing after him/her to mend things up. However, if you are going to ignore your ex as if you don't care about him/her anymore, then he/she will definitely be curious about you and would find out what is happening to you. This way, your ex will be the one chasing after you. Play hard to get at first.

2. Treat other people around your ex nicely...

Treating other people nicely while completely ignoring your ex will definitely heighten his/her curiosity about you. He/she will wonder why you are ignoring him/her while remaining nice to the people around him/her. Aside from triggering curiosity, your ex will also feel left out and will be jealous of the attention that you are giving to other people.

3. Show your ex that you can move on even without him/her in your life...

The main reason why your ex is not making his/her moves to have you back is because he/she is confident that you won't be able to move on without him/her in your life. Your ex thinks that you can't live without him/her and that you are completely dependent on him/her.

If you show your ex that you can move on with your life after the breakup, his/her ego will hurt and he/she will begin to wonder about you. This will trigger his/her curiosity and he/she will begin asking about you from your common friends.

4. Spread rumors that you are already dating someone else...This will totally burn your ex...

Spread rumors that you are already dating and make sure that the rumor will reach your ex. When your ex will personally ask you about it that means you are successful in making him/her curious about you. When that happens, start taking action by making your ex become more curious about your current situation while sending out signals that you still want him/her back.

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