Signs That He's Going to Dump You! Know This Before You End Up Facing Tremendous Embarrassment

Published: 10th August 2010
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Women are often right about their instincts or their so-called gut feel. Thus, you're the best person to dictate if you two can still work it out or not. If you feel that you're boyfriend is going to dump you but you're still not completely sure, here's a code to detect if he's going to drop the bomb any time soon.

He acts distant

This could be the first-surefire-sign that he's letting go. Why would you want to be away from someone if you are in love with that person? He could be cancelling date plans or is probably not returning your calls and messages anymore.

He stopped being affectionate

At the beginning of your relationship, he's like glue that won't let go of you. Back then, he's fond of hugging and kissing and would always want to cuddle. But lately, he's been giving you the cold treatment; he's not even holding your hands while you walk.

Ending your dates early

He agreed to have a date but after thirty minutes or so, he wants to excuse himself because there is an "emergency" that he needs to attend to. This is a sign of stirring away from you.

There is no YOU in his future

He may be talking about the future but you don't hear him say anything that you're part of it. This could be an indication that he doesn't see you as a long-term partner anymore.

He bonds with his friends more

Sure the "boys' night out" is understandable but see if he bonds with them more often than he does with you. This is an indication that he doesn't want to be with you. If he loves you still, he would want more of his time spent with you wouldn't he?

Picking fights

You were the one who always argued about things but lately he's been the one who is acting dramatic. Keep watch if he fights with you about petty things, he might want to start a fight because it's a reasonable scenario that can allow him to storm out of the relationship.

He checks out other girls, while you're with him

This is probably the most hurtful thing that he can do. A guy who truly loves you will always take into consideration how you feel. He might be doing this to blatantly indicate that he wants out. A man who is in love with you will not do anything that could make you jealous.

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