Signs That He is Attracted to You! Here is How to Read His Mind & Figure Him Out Within Seconds

Published: 01st September 2010
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It is not simple to crack the intellect of the contemporary male, but learning how to decode what nonverbal messages truly mean is a priceless asset in what we call love. In order for one to be sure, take a good look at the following seven signs.

It is the eyes. As the proverb says, "The eyes are the window to the soul." If the guy is interested in you, he will set his eyes on you with those sharp peepers and never let go. Return his passionate stare with a silent smile and let him discern that you are totally engrossed. In no time, he will be at your side.

Touching is a fine thing. An attracted guy wants to be near the person he likes. He will also desire to take the opportunity to touch you. It can be any part of your body - it is not important, as long as his existence is physical and loving.

Funny meeting you here. So-called "happy accidents" can be not so fortuitous after all. Perhaps his "shocker" emergence at your beloved Starbucks or somewhere is a sign that he is trying to hook up with you (but he does not wish you to think he is stalking). Take this positively and try to make the most out of it next time.

Funny lady. Not humorous after all? Does he ride on it anyway? Men are extremely in touch when it comes to sense of humor (women often whine that men, by no means, take anything gravely, right?), so if he is laughing your way, there is a good chance he is eyeing you as girlfriend material.

Confidence, man. Make the guy nervous if he is really into you. He will have goose bumps or rapid heartbeats just seeing you. Find signs like inexplicable laughter, perspiring palms and fiddling. Guys always wish to be within control over their emotions.

The lad who likes romantic chick flicks. We all know that he would much prefer watching the big match, but it is a excellent sign if the guy shows interest in the things you prefer as well. If he is delighted watching a movie which you picked or does not protest when it is time to head down to the mall for some shopping, you have made a huge advantage in the dating game.

Listen Closely. How will you realize that you have his attention? Answer is when he does not talk about himself anymore. For a man to stay quiet and truly listen to everything that you will say, then it must be L-O-V-E, or if not, a strong attraction indeed.

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