Signs That an Ex Wants to Get Back Together! Look For These If You Want Your Ex Back

Published: 04th August 2010
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If your ex has made a hasty decision of walking out on you then there are definite chances that repentance will follow him/her into those lonely days and nights.

Pretty soon your ex will deliver signs that he/she wants to get back together with you since his/her ego might prevent an open declaration.

Your ex starts to pop into your face more often than before
If your ex suddenly pops into your face with an almost alarming frequency then he/she has started to miss you very much.

Your ex's eyes and body might be getting tortured by his/her heart for one look at your body every day and hence the almost precision popping.

Your ex tries hard to remain in contact with you
You might also notice your ex sending you funny text messages or forwarding emails of interest.

Your ex might also start calling you for silly reasons and could try to extend each phone call in a desperate bid to keep on hearing your voice.

Your ex might offer to help you out without thinking twice
While initially your ex might have even refused to look in your direction, now you might notice that he/she could agree to help you out without thinking twice.

This would indicate that your ex could be trying to get into your good books by helping you out without gloating over you.

Your ex might stop slandering you in public
Your ex might have stopped saying negative words about you or your character and could even start singing hymns on the mere mention of your name.

This too could indicate a change of attitude since your ex would like you to notice that he/she has forgotten the past and would now be trying to praise his/her way into your heart.

Your ex starts grooming himself/herself
If your ex suddenly takes an active interest in grooming himself/herself and also starts strutting his/her new look before you at any party then he/she is certainly trying to catch your eye.

Your ex would be hoping to re-awaken feelings of desire within your body so that you find yourself getting drawn back towards him/her again.

Your ex apologizes
If your ex apologizes to you for errors made by him/her in the past then this could be another attempt to mend broken bridges and create a smooth path for a reunion.

If your ex does not force you to apologize in return and instead apologizes with full honesty then he/she is truly still in love with you and would be hoping that you forgive him/her.

Your ex says so openly
If your ex has managed to diffuse your anger, please your eyes and create feelings of desire within your mind then the last sign that he/she will display is an open offer for a reunion.

Your ex might ask for a meeting where both of you could sit down and discuss ways to remove painful thorns before walking over the petals that lead to a brand new relationship.

You should remember to watch out for such signs and act accordingly if you too wish to walk hand-in-hand with your ex again.

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