Signs a Guy Wants to Be More Than Friends! Here is How to Know If He Wants to Be More Than Friends

Published: 06th August 2010
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Many friends get to know each other too well. The tendency then is to take their friendship to a higher level. Couples who have had the experience say that having someone as a friend first then eventually becoming your partner is the best romantic relationship one can have.

Others, on the other hand, tend to disagree. Whatever your opinion is with this issue, observe the moves of your guy friend as he just might want to take the next step forward with you.

He meets up with you more often
He wants to see you and be with you more than the usual time you spend together-and he does this only to you. He doesn't do it to any girl friends that you have in common or even girl friends of his. And surprisingly, he wants to be with you alone. This means being with him minus the company of your other friends.

Implied but not stated
His conversations with you become more romantic. You are not that unintelligent enough to read between the lines. He will make you feel these messages that will make you recognize the telltale signs of one who's very much interested.

He pretends to accidentally touch your hand, grab your hand if you cross the street, hug you out of the blue, lightly touch your cheek, etc. Touching is an indication of intimacy and possession. Intimacy from his burning passion and possession, because he wants other guys to keep themselves off you.

Eye contact
You always catch him staring at you with his face so bright and always with his ear-to-ear smile. A normal friend will have a different glance. But his are so loving, warm and sweet your heart would surely melt.

Gets too personal
Although he is your friend and that he has every right to know about your personal life, getting too personal and always asking about it is beyond the boundaries of friendship. It doesn't mean that he wants to gossip about you or your life, he just wants be the first to know and comfort you when you need comforting and be happy for you when you have accomplishments.

Teasing you by calling you names
Some names may be harsh but do they sound like one or are they like music to your ears? Guys who want to move forward will tease you always in a loving way. They love to see you get angry and pursue you eventually to make you feel better again.

Feeling it
The loudest messages are non-verbal. You just feel it. But you should never assume because when you feel it, there are sometimes some things that have caused it to exist in your heart. You begin to feel the changes from being a friend to his someone special.

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