Reverse a Nasty Breakup! The Most Powerful Technique Which Will Make Your Ex Forget the Past!

Published: 07th September 2010
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You had one of the nastiest breakups of the century with your ex, and now everything is so sour and bitter that you cannot even have a normal conversation without bursting into huge arguments over something with your ex.

But what is really causing all of these issues is your PAST with your ex. Obviously your ex is not over it, and has really harsh feelings towards you because of it.

However, this can be overcome by using a powerful technique which will make your ex forget the past:

Break the pattern

The things you do now REMIND your ex of the past and all the pain that was caused. You must break this pattern by acting completely out of character. This will turn your ex's attention to your new persona, and will not give them much time to be reminded of the past.

You may find it difficult at first to act like a whole new person, however you must do this, because your ex subconsciously views you as someone who causes them pain, and the slightest thing you do or say could remind them of this.

That is why you must develop the new persona to break this pattern, and the best way to go about this is to immediately get as much self improvement help as possible, and implement it.

This in turn will prevent your ex from viewing you as the person from the past, because your new persona will make them quite curious and will have them constantly thinking about what you are planning or the purpose of your new "attitude".

Bringing light into new things you are doing

Start doing things which are out of character for what your ex expects, such as taking up new activities that you always said you would never do, or activities which bring you further in your life.

If you have left things unfinished in your life, such as your work, education, family or financial matters, clear those up too. You want to increase your current status as much as possible and in as many ways as possible, so that your ex sees you differently and can only concentrate on what you are doing now.

The more things you do, the more curios your ex will become to your NEW life, because you will seemingly become busy and won't have as much time to pay them any attention. This in turn will make your ex forget the past, because they will become very emotional about your new life.

In turn your ex will feel abandoned and will wonder what you are doing next. You will seem so happy now since the breakup, and your ex will want to be the one making you happy and the one you are concentrating on, which in turn will make your ex simply concentrate on the now, and forget the past.

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