My Man Seems to Be Emotionally Unavailable! What Shall I Do? Read These Tips Right Away

Published: 09th August 2010
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When a woman wants to possess her man - she wants him physically, emotionally and mentally. This means that there should be nothing left for her to conquer! His heart is not enough - she needs to know that he loves her body, mind and soul. Sometimes, even though a man seems to be physically attracted to her, his mind and feelings seemed to be engaged elsewhere! To avoid this from happening read these tips that will help you get your man's emotions as well.

Help him get over the past
The fact that he is emotionally unavailable means that his heart and feelings are still trapped in the past. Help him to get over the past and encourage him to enjoy every moment with you. This will give him no time to ponder on things of the past.

Get rid of guilt feelings
Most men who are emotionally unavailable are riddled with feelings of guilt and shame. This could be due to the fact that they have not yet got over their ex. Feelings of guilt and shame are the biggest enemies to true happiness. Help him to get rid of these guilt feelings. Once he is free of these, he will be in a better position to trust again.

Hope and self worth
Encourage him and praise him. Give him compliments that will boost his self image and ego. This will help him to see himself as capable of trusting someone else with his emotions. Once he does that, he will be able to relate to you and become involved in a relationship.

Break away from the breakup
The fact that he is emotionally unavailable is due to the fact that he is still bound emotionally to the past. Help him to break away from the breakup and to forgive and forget. This is a huge step for him but once he does this it will be easier for him get into a new relationship with you.

Worth a second chance
Be kind, caring, loving and tender towards him. Show him that you love and care for him. Once he begins to trust you and relax in your company, he will think it is worth a second chance to be happy again. Let him know that a relationship with you is the best thing for him.

A taste of heaven
No matter what his past experience was, you could give him a taste of heaven. Let him see you as a breath of fresh air, hope and promise in his life. Once he knows what life could be with you he will automatically want more of it and become dependent on you.

Fear of rejection
A fear of rejection is what could make him afraid of trusting another person with his emotions again. Once this fear is ousted from him he will be in a better position to trust again.

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