My Boyfriend Won't Propose & I Am Scared He Might Not Commit! Here is How to Make Him Commit to You

Published: 11th August 2010
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Even though you have been seriously dating for quite a while now, your boyfriend just does not seem to want to settle down or propose to you. While it can be extremely frustrating especially as you have dreams of sharing a wonderful future with your man, it pays to have a little patience and prod your man into making a commitment with you. Here are some ways to do it.

Don't let it get you down
Don't let your frustration grow to such a point where it makes you disgruntled and dissatisfied person. This will make you behave in an unseemly manner and it will take a toll on the relationship. Don't be impatient and give him some more time.

Zero in on the problem
Find out where the real problem lies - is it with you or him? Sometimes it is easy to put all the blame on the other person. Be honest and take care of issues that could be the reason for him not wanting to propose.

Stick to your end of the bargain
Don't do things that prove that you are untrustworthy. Have you been slack in being the perfect partner? What did you decide on when you first started dating? Check back and find out if your boyfriend stated that he was interested in just dating. If so, you can't expect him to change his intentions now.

Share precious moments
Your boyfriend should yearn to be with you big time! If he does not feel an urge to spend time with you it shows that he is not really interested in you. On the other hand if he is always with you it only proves that he is not averse to having you around him. Encourage this "togetherness" and he will definitely propose to you.

Bond like never before
True intimacy is the glue that keeps you together. Help him to get rid of all fears of commitment and before you know it he will be getting down on one knee to propose to you. Love and appreciate him.

Make his family adore you
A sure and subtle way to get him to propose is to get his family to really love you. Become friends with them and do little things that endear you to them. Once he sees how well you get along with his family, he will propose.

Cut the nagging
If you are going to prove that you are a nag or a shrew before marriage, he will hate to be tied down to you for life! Be very careful to be more patient, honest and accepting. Don't pretend or else you will turn out to be a real shock later on and you don't want that.

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