Make Your Ex Want You Back! Discover the Dirty Psychological Trick Which Will Entice Your Ex!

Published: 07th September 2010
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You are going to get your ex back, but not only this, but you are going to make your ex WANT you back, not vice versa.

What I mean by this, is you don't want your ex taking you back out of pity, or taking you back because they are selfish. Instead, you want your ex to literally want you back so badly that they will become desperate.

Read on to find out the dirty psychological trick which will entice your ex to want you back....

Step #1: Act as if you hate your ex

This is so dirty, because it literally uses reverse psychology on your ex without them even knowing it. It ALSO almost always makes your ex react positively. Once your ex thinks you hate them, they will feel socially rejected by you, and will begin to feel so lonely.

This void will not be filled by anything else in their life, because humans are psychologically programmed to seek approval from others, rather than from material or other means. What this means, is that your ex will not be able to get rid of this feeling, unless they gain your approval and acceptance once again.

Step #2: Using indirect psychology

If your ex is a narcissist or simply cares a lot about what others think, then you can use indirect psychology to drive them to take action and want you back. To do this, all you have to do is suggest that your ex couldn't get you back if they tried.

The challenge of "not being able to" do something regarding you will easily be accepted by your ex, because they already feel as though they have conquered you, but will simply want to prove you wrong, because they have an ego to fulfill.

The best way to pull this off is to have your friends say this to your ex, so that your ex really feels as though they socially need to show everyone that they can get you back.

Step #3: Making your ex want you back

To really set things off and make your ex desperately want you back, you can begin giving them the impression that you are dating again, and find someone who is the COMPLETE opposite of your ex.

This will make your ex so jealous, because they will SEE that you have found someone UNLIKE them, and in turn will think there must be something wrong with them, that you don't desire a person like them anymore.

In turn what will happen, is that your ex will end up being so emotionally enticed that he/she can't help but want you back, because they will fear being rejected and will fear having to live with the void and lonely feeling you psychologically created.

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