It's Not Hard to Make Your Ex Go Crazy About You Yet Again! Read These Vital Tips & See For Yourself

Published: 07th September 2010
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Going through a break up can be tough. You have these mixed emotions - being overwhelmed with love and devotion for your ex one minute and hating him/her for leaving you the next, and there is nothing that you can do since you are still in love with your ex and want to get back with him/her. In that case, here are some of the things that you should do:

Do nothing (at least for a while)... If you continue to contact your ex after the break up, you will only make things worse, so stop those nonsense right now! It can be tough of course, but it is important that give your ex, as well as yourself, some time and breathing room.

Socialize and broaden your horizon...Act as if you are free again after a long time... Go out with your friends more and ask for their advice. Socialize. In fact, what you should do is start going out on dates. It would be to your advantage if you can make your ex jealous and give him/her the feeling that if he/she do not act now, he/she is going to lose you forever. This is definitely an effective way in getting your ex back into your life again.

Act as if the break up was an excellent idea...And you are so glad that it happened... Tricking your ex into believing that calling it quits was the best thing that ever happened to you always work. Most of the time, your ex would expect you to cry, beg, plead or crawl back to him/her right after the split. What you can do is turn the tables around.

You can act like you are totally relieved that it is finally over and tell your ex the thought has been lingering on your mind for quite some time now and that you are glad he/she ended it.

This approach will completely turn your ex's world upside down, and it would come to no surprise to you if your ex calls you afterward just to check up on you when in fact he/she is really trying to figure out how you can be so cool about the whole break up thing.

Make sure to look your best...As if you are having the best time of your life... Your look is what attracted your ex to you in the first place, so use it! Try to think of what he/she liked about you. Is it a certain hairstyle, outfit, etc.? Once you have found that out, use it to your advantage.

If you are going to bump into each other at a common friend's party, or in some social gathering, look incredibly hot. Your ex would definitely see how you make the heads of men/women turn and he/she would start to wonder if breaking up with you was the right decision.

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