It's Crazy to Think That Your Ex Doesn't Love You Anymore! Find Out Why Your Ex Still Loves You!

Published: 07th September 2010
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In times of doubt, use facts to back things up. Right now, you are going through a break up, and you may like your ex, or you may not be sure if you should try and get your ex back. But, your ex acts as if they don't like you anymore, but let me tell you, there are a few contradictions in his/her actions, which I am SURE match up to prove that they do still love you! In fact, use these tips to find out if your ex still loves you:

1. Teases you and jokes around - This is also known as flirting. Even if it seems to be in a mean way, or kind of insulting, if they are teasing you, teasing is FLIRTING. The only reason why someone would flirt with you, is if they were attracted to you! Think about it... why would someone spend the time to laugh and play around with you, if they really didn't like you still?

2. Plays hard to get - This may confuse you, but if your ex is playing hard to get, they still like you. Why would someone try so hard to make you want them more, if they really hated you? People who play hard to get, are actually using a dating tactic which psychologically makes the person want them more. This may be your ex's way of testing you and making you prove how serious you are about them.

3. Compliments You - This can be on something you are doing, for a favor, or your looks, but a compliment is a compliment. People give out compliments when you make them FEEL good, and therefore they return the favor with a compliment to make you feel good in return. This means that you are making your ex feel good and think nicely of you, when you receive compliments from him/her.

4. Talks about the past - This is the most obvious sign that your ex is not over you, is when he/she talks about the past. Obviously your ex is not over you and still wants to be with you. People only talk about the past when they have a feeling related to it still harboring in them, and if your ex talks positively about it, then this means that he/she still loves you. You can try bringing up the past in a positive light, and joke about it with your ex. If he/she goes along, then most definitely they still have feelings for you.

5. Looks at you always - If you are privileged enough to still see your ex in real life, take note at where your ex looks. If he/she stares you into the eyes, or simply looks at your lips always, then they are definitely physically attracted to you still. People stare at lips when they want to kiss, and look in the eyes constantly when they feel comfortable around you, and when they trust you.

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