It Seems Like My Man Has Lost Interest in Me! How Do I Regain It? Here is a Fresh Way to Do It

Published: 10th August 2010
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A man easily gets bored. Whatever it is, it takes great effort to sustain a man's interest. We can't blame them for that; they're just wired that way. You may feel that he's been acting cold towards you or that he lost interest in you.

Your instincts must be true but it can also be wrong, maybe he just needs to get fueled up. Maybe he just wants some excitement back again in your monotonous life. To bring back the flame, here are simple tips that you can do:

Introduce new hobbies

Men are adventure seekers and it's always a win-win situation to introduce a new hobby for them. You can invite him to a basketball or an NFL game-if he's not addicted to it yet! You can also make plans for a trip out of town.

Introduce a new you

If you haven't been showing a part of you to him, maybe it's time that you show it. This will make him feel like you're this whole new person. His interest with you will surely ignite just like the first time you met.

Share a secret.

Maybe you can ride a bike. A secret about past relationships counts, too. Just make sure not to tell too much, begin with something like, "There was a summer where I went to Mexico, but all I can tell you is that it involved me, a hot guy, and the beach one night." This will forever stick to his memory, knowing that this girl he has can be as sexy as hell.

Spice up your look

You've been a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl all your life. Maybe it's time to try something new. If he hasn't seen you in a slinky, sexy, dress, this could be the time to impress him.

Don a mysterious aura

Mystery always works for men. Being too available and too known to them is boring. Give him a little thinking space to figure you out. This will challenge him and regain his interest.

Be desired by many

The truth is, a man takes notice of a woman after some other man takes notice of her. So if that other guy is eyeing you, take it to your advantage. But never paddle across two rivers at the same time.

You can pretend to be unavailable at times

If you've been available for him almost every time, it would not hurt to cancel on few plans and dates. If he knows he's not your first priority anymore. He will be triggered to gain that first spot again.

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