It Seems Like My Ex is Completely Over Me! Is There Any Way I Can Make Them Want Me? Follow This Now

Published: 10th August 2010
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It is a horrible feeling to still be in love with your ex and see them acting like you don't exist. You can change this if you have the right attitude and gumption to go all out and win them back. Here are some tips that will make you so irresistible that your ex will be the one chasing you all over again.

Dump the negative attitudes
There is no way you are going to be successful in getting your ex back if you are still nursing your hurt. Get rid of those negative attitudes of self pity, anger and insecurity. You have to pump yourself up and boost your self confidence to a very high level. You can do this by believing in yourself and working on looking like a million dollars.

Take care of your body
Show your ex what he/she is missing! Join a gym and get that body in shape. Once you are looking fabulous, you will realize that you walk and talk in a manner that automatically attracts everyone around. Get a complete makeover and stun your ex the next time you meet.

Dress as per your ex's tastes
Since you were together for so long, you know exactly what turns your ex on! Use this knowledge to look like your ex's dream man/woman! Every time you meet your ex should be a time when your ex should not be able to take their eyes off you! Look sexy enough to make your ex remember the intimate moments you spent together.

Subtle signals will help
Once you have managed to get your ex's attention, it is easy to send him/her subtle signals that let him/her know that you still have feelings. Don't do this in an obvious manner. Let your ex wonder about how available you really are. Smile at your ex in an intimate manner that prompts him/her to remember the chemistry you had together.

Blow hot and cold
Tease your ex. Blow hot by giving him/her those special "hot" looks that you reserved just for them. Let your ex start feeling those old familiar stirrings of attraction towards you. Then you could abruptly blow cold by dropping off the scene for a little while, or appearing with someone else! This will make your ex crazy wanting you.

Set a trap
Once you are sure of your ex's attention, be smart and don't overdo the "I'm still available" part. Set tests to find out if your ex is really interested in you again. Invite him over to your place and check your ex's reaction to the invitation. Appear on the arm of another guy/girl and check if your ex turns jealous. You will have all the answers.

Be as charming as ever
If there is one thing you still have - it's those memories of the times you and your ex really had close intimate bonding. No one can take these away from you. Be as loving and charming with your ex and don't make him/her feel that you are blaming them for the breakup. This will put them at ease with you and sooner or later will make them want you.

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