Is Your Ex Running Away From You? Instead of Chasing Them Here is What You Should Be Doing

Published: 07th September 2010
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Every time you call your ex, you are met with his/her answering machine. He/she doesn't return your calls, answer you mails and the flowers that you sent have been chopped up and sent back to you in a box. Even though you feel like you are ready for your own funeral, as life without your ex is just not worth living; take a moment to figure out if is really worth it?

Maybe the path that you have adopted to make your ex see the importance of the relationship is wrong. So, wipe away those tears and stop taking this crap from your ex and work on a way to creatively get your ex back. Here's how you can do that!

Make him/her feel dumped
Turn the tables on your ex and make them feel like he/she is the one that's been dumped. Stop the calling and the apologies immediately. Your unapologetic nature will make him or her feel angry because you are not giving them the control that they had so far.

Get a life
You can also get the control back by going out and getting a life! Once your ex sees that you are happy in the company of others he/she will get thinking about his/her attitude towards you.

When people get popular, everyone wants to hang out with them. Your ex is no different and the sooner you get a life, the sooner will he/she want to start hanging out with you.

Work to make yourself feel good
While you are away from your ex work on making yourself feel good. That could mean a change in your physical appearance or working on some internal issues that you have. Going to a professional and resolving your issues will give you your internal peace that will reflect in your confident exterior.

You can also get a change by getting a physical makeover. Looking great never hurt anyone. Gather those additional compliments by visiting a cosmetologist or a dermatologist and enhancing your appearance. Tummy tucks anyone?

Use jealousy effectively
Jealousy is a very effective tool when used efficiently. To do so, you will have to start dating other people. After all, your ex has to get the message that you cannot go on waiting for him/her for eternity. Once they get the idea that you will not be the wet mop waiting for him/her, you will yourself see the dramatic change in your ex's attitude.

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