Is Your Ex Ignoring You? 3 Steps Which Will Literally Make Your Ex Think About You All the Time!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Is your ex ignoring you? If he/she is, then you need to do something about it now, before they leave you forever! Read on to find out the 3 steps which will literally make your ex think about you all the time...

Step #1: Give the silent treatment

The first step to making your ex want to talk to you again, is to return the silent treatment. Every human being HATES the silent treatment, because you NEVER know what the other person is thinking or feeling.

That mystery drives anyone nuts and they also feel extremely challenged trying to figure out "what is wrong", within a short amount of time. Not only this, but any time someone gives you the silent treatment, you automatically psychologically assume that you must have done something wrong.

Thus, when you give your ex the silent treatment, they will immediately notice you aren't calling anymore, and will think they have done something wrong. Then, without realizing it, your ex will subconsciously seek your attention again, because they will want to know why you are suddenly ignoring them...

Step #2: Play hard to get

So the longer you use the silent treatment, the quicker your ex will actually respond. In fact, within about 14 days MAX, your ex will be contacting you again, because his/her curiosity will be so overwhelmed that they just won't be able to stay silent and ignore you anymore!

BUT, when he/she does call you back, get a bit sneaky and play hard to get. Don't answer right away, and don't immediately desperately start blabbing on about how much you missed them or want them back etc...

Instead, tell your ex you have been doing a lot of things lately, and that you are busy. Then hang up. This will drive your ex nuts, furthermore not knowing what is going on in your life, because your ex literally expected to always find you predictable.

Step #3: Give your ex the impression that you have moved on

This step may be a bit tricky for you, because you will literally have to act as if you have moved on. You can try dating someone again, or you can simply just suggest to your ex that you are dating again.

You can also give your ex the impression you have moved on by pretending you no longer care about him/her anymore, and simply talk about your future plans WITHOUT your ex involved in them.

This will make your ex feel rejected and completely outcast, which in turn will make them think about you literally all the time. When combined with all 3 tips, your ex will literally be constantly thinking about you and will not be able to ignore you after this, because you will have successfully challenged your ex's emotional and mental side.

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