Is Your Ex Constantly Running Away From You? 5 Tips That Will Make Your Ex Instantly Notice You

Published: 07th September 2010
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Being ignored by the current love of your life is hard enough to bear. But when it's an ex that you seek attention from, the whole thing becomes even more of a painful affair. Other than dancing in a birthday suit - a remedy which is not called for here, there are a few other things you can do:

Stop pouting and step up to the plate and fight hard to get your ex back - You can either let yourself slide - physically and mentally, or you can pick yourself up, and be what your ex wants you to be. That basically means that you need to improve your fitness, get a new look, and if possible - also a new and more attractive personality.

Once you have all this, go flaunt it in your ex's face - Physical attraction, chemistry and a meeting of minds form a big part of any relationship. Even if it is your ex who knows that you smell horrible when you wake up in the morning, the whole new look and the new you will probably set your ex's heart thumping, and you'll have another shot at making it work.

Nothing in common - Have you also considered that your ex might be ignoring you because there isn't that much in common between you? So while you're sleeping, your ex is jogging. While you're at a ball game, your ex is at an art gallery. There's only way to fix that. Start jogging and develop an interest in art.

The more time you spend doing like-minded stuff, the better your chances of being able to find common ground with your ex, start talking and get back into the game. You may also want to try becoming like the person your ex first fell in love with in the beginning. This will ensure that your ex feels like they can bond and connect with you once again.

Past mistakes forming your present - It could also be that your ex has basically stopped listening to the lies and half-truths that you keep belting out. In this case, it's time to get some help. Start cozying up to all your ex's friends and close family members - even the hated mother-in-law. If everyone in your ex's circle starts putting in a good word for you, your ex will start thinking that maybe you aren't so bad after all...

This will force your ex to notice you - And as an absolutely last resort, go after one of your ex's close friends and start dating, or at the very least - heavy flirting. The one thing that an ex cannot bear is to see you having fun with someone close. Make sure, though, that it doesn't get too serious - you don't want to land up in even more trouble.

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