Is My Ex Still Interested in Me? Here Are the Most Important Keys You Must Follow at All Costs

Published: 07th September 2010
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When a person goes through a breakup against his or her will, the question that will endlessly play in their head is "Is it really over?" This shows that they are not ready to accept the reality of a breakup, and so they rely on little signs from their ex, to determine whether the feeling is mutual.

It's pretty clear when you know you still care for your ex. The even bigger question is, how do you know your ex is still interested in you? You can use this knowledge however you wish. Most of the time, knowing that an ex is still cares is an esteem-booster that helps one rekindle the fire and bring a dead relationship back to life.

Your ex chooses to be single. Do you notice how a lot of men flock to her side and she shrugs them off, or that other girls make themselves too available but he doesn't seem to notice? Most people would go for a rebound to ease the stress off a breakup, but if your ex seems oblivious to people wanting to get on their side, it's pretty clear they're still hung up on you, since they don't have eyes for anyone else.

Your ex gets sentimental. You're casual and then the radio blares with your theme song, and they get teary-eyed? Well, even if they don't, but you notice how they become emotional, don't take this sign lightly. If they've moved on, little things will no longer remind them of you. But if they still remember your song, the place you went to for your first day, and other bits of now trivial memories, you know they're still interested.

Your ex seems too concerned about you. This is especially true when it comes to asking about your love life and the people you date. You may find your ex asking you about the new person in your life, if you've already started dating others. Although they may not appear jealous or hurt, ask yourself why they're too interested, if they didn't care about you at all. Asking about your dating world gives them an idea of how much hope they have in getting you back.

Your ex tries to look really happy around you. Happiness can easily be seen in a person, but if a person is trying to hide sorrow, it usually overflows and overlaps the pretentious happiness. If you look closely, you'll be able to see if your ex is truly happy with his or her life, or if he or she is simply making an effort so that you don't' pity them. Some people will desperately throw themselves at you.

That's a pretty obvious sign. Some people will desperately try to conceal how they feel, out of pride or not wanting to be on the losing edge. If you feel the same way, this is the perfect time to yank them out of their misery. Why be lonely, when you can be happy together?

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