Is My Ex Not Over Me Yet? Does He or She Still Love Me? Here Are Sure Fire Ways to Find Out Now

Published: 07th September 2010
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Agreed that your ex has moved on and is seeing someone else, however, this does not mean that he/she has stopped loving you. Who says that you can be in love with only one person? Countless examples around you will tell that it is possible to be in love with more than one person. If your love is stronger and if you impress your ex that he/she is better of with you than with the latest partner he/she has then your ex will definitely come back to you.

Here are 7 ways of finding out if your ex still loves you.

Your ex never avoids you
Your ex is not scared or nervous of bumping into you. He/she does not avoid places that you frequent and in fact does acknowledge your presence in the most civil manner. This is a sign that he/she never stopped loving you.

Your ex regrets the breakup
Although separated, your ex still regrets the breakup or the circumstances that led to the breakup then it means that your ex still has feelings for you. So, how do you find this out? Well, your ex's friends and family will give you a clue.

Your ex stays in touch
In spite of the breakup you continue to receive humorous messages and the occasional phone call from your ex. Your ex does not sound desperate but cheerful when you talk and does not bring out old issues. Well, it means that he/she is not really mad at you.

Dressing for the occasion
If you notice that your ex takes pains to dress up and look good before meeting you then he/she still wants you to remember them as a charming person. This is what people in love do.

Your ex does not avoid physical contact
You meet your ex and if he/she does not avoid touching you. Even if it means holding your arm or shaking your hand a little bit longer. Well, all these are signs that he/she still values your touch and maybe still likes you.

Your ex defends you
In your absence your ex takes up for you and defends you vociferously and does not tolerate anything bad said about you. Your ex still feels that you are best in what you do and does not endorse others views then it means that he/she still loves you.

Your ex ignores all advances
In spite of the many advances made by potential suitors, who might be better than you in some ways, your ex refuse to commit for permanent relationship then it means your ex still fancies his/her chances of a reconciliation with you.

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