Is it Possible to Make My Crush Fall in Love With Me? Here Are the Tricks Which Will Make it Happen

Published: 09th August 2010
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So, you have been eying that stud hanging out across the way for quite some time. You want to make him drool and lust over your very-being, right? Okay, come back and join us on Earth, girl. Seducing the guy of your burning desire is still very attainable, though. Among us females, it is a universally-accepted truth that hooking and baiting that perfect guy is more of an art form more than anything else. It is also something only women will ever have the ability to master. Read on and see decide how you can hone-in on your potentially untapped ability.

The Subtle, Yet Awesomely Powerful, Tactic of Hooking and Baiting Him

Your female instincts, paired with advice like this, will guide you through this. Wear a deviously nice smile, start looking at him and let him catch you looking. Look away as soon as his eyes meet yours, however-look away! Go ahead and repeat this a few times. A word to the wise, though, if he initially seems uninterested, it could actually be that he feels intimidated. You will decipher, upon digging deeper, eventually what his true motives are.

Getting "Fleshy" With It

Bump into him or rub up against him, but make it seem accidental at all costs! That is, unless you to prefer to remove all doubt about your mystique and mystery. Before doing so, make sure to have on the sexiest, most alluring scent (perfume). As much as I abhor and loathe making references to animal mating in the wild, sometimes it only serves to drive home reality. The more attractive, better smelling, better acting and speaking you are the better chance that mate of your dreams is going to start responding to your "mating calls". Okay, sorry, and I promise-no more animal kingdom analogies.


For most girls, this one is a no-brainer. However, it never, ever fails to surprise me at that girl who is wearing scantly any clothes at all and advertising to the herd of men on-sight "hey I'm a slut come take me". Excuse me, for I just threw-up a little in my mouth. Really though, dress sensibly-something that is sexy but not too revealing and not too flashy.

Talk and Laugh-It Up With Him Whilst Keeping Your Distance

This will come as no surprise to most of my girlfriends here, but you want to gradually work up to talking with him, sharing in a few good laughs, talking the talk---and all-the-while, sizing him up. Volunteer as little information about yourself as possible. Make him (and see if he will, for that matter) want to chase you and find out more. Find any and all things you can share rapport in. Be aware, though, you are still gauging him and you are not implying a possible relationship yet. Do so, and you risk either scaring Romeo away or, quite the opposite, make him come on to you too quickly.

You Seek a Meaningful Relationship, Not a One-Night Fling, right?

This ties-in and relates to many of the previous points in a nice little summary. If he is lead to believe that it may be possible to get you in the sack early-on, then you have basically already screwed-the-pooch. Have fun on your fling(s). Little 'ole me does not mean to sound rude, but this is experience talking. Give him several opportunities to follow-up with you and establish a better foundation for the two of you. Doing so will much more efficiently pave the way for a possible relationship.

Wait Until That Point in Your Life That Is the Most Welcoming, Least Intrusive

Are you going through a breakup, or even worse, a divorce? There could be no worse time to go "hunting" for Mr. Right. Besides the fact that your dream man will be instantly turned-off once you start talking about your past boyfriend/husband, there are a host of other very legit reasons as to why you do not want to go man-shopping at this juncture in your life. Wait until the waves have calmed and the dust has settled, and then proceed.

Be On-Top of Your Attitude and Personality

Just as Prince Charming needs to exude a certain amount of charisma and self-confidence, you need to as well. Keep good eye contact with him, SMILE, and let him know that it almost makes you giddy to do so. Be confident in your words and actions, but do not even come within a mile of coming off as arrogant and/or snooty.

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