Is He Flirting With Me? Sure Shot Ways to Figure Out If a Guy is Truly Flirting With You Or Not

Published: 05th August 2010
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Even though you are a master of flirting yourself, it is still quite difficult to be sure when the guy you like is actually flirting with you. It is embarrassing if you find out that you were able to read the signs wrong, and that the guy you thought was flirting is not really interested. Knowing how to read if someone is flirting with you will absolutely come in handy.

Here are some things that will let you know if he is absolutely flirting:

He maintains constant eye contact with you
The easiest sign of flirting you can observe is the eye contact. You can be sure that he is flirting when he gazes into your eyes the whole time. Check out how his eyebrows rise also when you two are talking. The eyebrows rise when he is interested in you and the things you are saying.

You notice he touches you a lot
Try to recall the numerous times he touches you, whether it be intentional or by accident. You will know that he is flirting when he casually rubs your arm or rests his hand on your shoulder.

He is always leaning towards you when you talk
When you two are talking, notice how close he is to you. If he is leaning close to you when you speak or he leans to your ear in a whisper, these are signs of flirting.

He smiles a lot and even tells you jokes
He is flirting when he always makes it a point to give you a smile. He is telling you that he enjoys having you around and he is having a great time being with you. If he also attempts to joke around when you two are together, he is also getting you to notice him more.

He shows off his body
Men who are obsessed with working out love to show off their fit body, especially to someone they like. A guy is flirting with you if he intentionally tries to get you to see his great and fit body and he does this by flexing his arm or showing his abs.

He smooths out his hair
Guys are suddenly self conscious of their appearance when they are in the presence of someone they like. Before the guy approaches you and you notice him smoothing out his hair, this means he is trying to look good for you.

His whole body is geared towards you
The things he is unconsciously doing can be read as signs of his interest as well. You can check when you two are talking. When his whole body is pointed at your direction, from his feet up to his shoulders, this means that he is likes you.

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