If Your Ex is Ignoring You It's Important You Ignore Them Right Back! Follow These Tips Right Now

Published: 07th September 2010
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Getting a second chance in happiness is possible even if you and your ex have already broken up. After the break up, if you have realized that you are still very much in love with your ex, there are ways to have him back in your life and be happy again. Even if your boy is already ignoring you, there are ways that you can do to make him notice you again.

Do not let your ex ignore you and trash you. Make him fall for you again. Here are 7 ways to make him notice you again.

1.Start dating a hotter guy

Of course, this is just a show. You can have a friend who understands your situation and would be willing to do some role playing games with you. Sometimes, all it takes for you to make your ex notice you again is competition.

2. Cut your connections with him

Do not call your ex or message him. In short, cut your connections with him. When he feels that you are no longer chasing after him, he'll start wondering about you and your absence.

3.Ignore him when you accidentally bumped with each other

Under certain circumstances and you accidentally bumped with each other, do not greet him or even try to be casual to him. Instead, ignore him just a he ignores you. This will hurt his pride and will start chasing after you.

4. Do not initiate the communication and let him start to contact you

If you want to make him notice you again, you should not be the one to initiate the communication because it might annoy him. Let him be the one to contact you first when he realizes your absence.

5. Party around and be active in your social life

While he continues to ignore you, you should not make yourself depressed. Instead, be more active in your social life and party around. Go out and interact with more people, but be sure that your ex would learn about this. You'll see that one day, he'd start going out to party with you and chase after you.

6. Attract him but play hard to get

Your ex won't be able to resist you if you are going to attract him. No matter how much he ignores you, he'll definitely get attracted to you as long as you keep showing your motives. However, when he starts to make his moves, play hard to get and do not let him win you back that fast.

7. Spread a rumor that you will transfer to another place

While he is ignoring you, you can spread a rumor that you will be transferring to another place and stay there for good. Just make sure that the rumor will not come directly from you so that you can readily deny it whenever he starts doing actions to have you back.

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