If Your Ex Acting Like They Never Want to See You Again? Here Are 4 Tips That Will Help Reverse That

Published: 07th September 2010
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They hate you? Not possible! They aren't speaking to you? What are you going to do?. Once they realize what they are letting go, they will surely rush back into your arms. But as long as you chase them...They will always run away. Therefore follow these tips to know what to do...

o Stop trying hard and just be your best self: Your ex won't go for it if you become a phony. Dyeing your hair green and donning a Metallica T-shirt won't sweep them off their feet (well, not frequently). You need to "keep it real" and let them see the person they fell in love with in the first place.

Your ex liked you once and they will again if you figure out your weak points and start to work on them. Bring out the best in you by putting your anger or bad mood aside.

o Memories...Try to bring up all the positive things you two did in the past: So, you are sitting with your ex having a casual conversation over a cup of coffee. You've made it this far. What's next? Try to find the best way to bring up a fond memory of the times you were together. Have them reminiscing about your weekend getaway or your best fishing trip.

In no time at all, they will also bring up a happy moment and the conversation will take a new direction. This works to your advantage because they will be remembering the "good old days" and will be a bit more susceptible to liking you again.

o Be emotionally mature...A calm composure always works: There's no way you'll get your ex back if you threaten to kill yourself or die. Grow up! Let your ex see that you are an adult capable of handling bad news. Make sure your ex realizes that you are not a bad person, just a normal human being with flaws like everybody else.

They will soon see that the decision to break-up was too sudden and will start to thin things over.

Be nice...Nastiness/name calling/blaming will only push your ex further away: You shouldn't be screaming at your ex our crying your eyes out. As we mentioned earlier, you need to be mature. This means you need to be nice to your ex, or at the very least: civilized.

Giving your ex the cold shoulder will in no way enhance your opportunities of getting them back. Smile and greet them as you would any normal acquaintance. Your ex will constantly be thinking of that smile and how much they used to like it... and still do!

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