I Want to Make My Boyfriend Marry Me, But I Am Not Sure How! Here is What Will Help You a Lot

Published: 11th August 2010
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For months now you have been visualizing your boyfriend getting down on one knee and proposing to you. But this just does not seem to happen. How can you make this dream come true? These handy clues will help you to prod your boyfriend in the right direction and before you know it - he will propose!

Oust all his fears
The fact that he hasn't proposed as yet shows that he probably has fears of commitment. Let him know that you are not interested in forcing him to commit. Enjoy every moment together and he will get to appreciate being with you. Make it easy for him to propose not difficult.

Make him relax about having to make choices
Your boyfriend realizes that proposing to you will make him change from being a friend to a person who has to be a breadwinner. Show him that you are with him and he does not have to take on the sole responsibility. Once he knows this he will be more open to sharing a future with you.

Don't be in a hurry
Trying to force him to propose and being in a desperate hurry to get hitched is a mistake. The more he feels pressured - the more he will resist getting "caught". Leave him to make the choice. All you have to do concentrate on making him fall deeper in love with you.

Understand him well
If you know what he thinks about marriage you will be able to gauge his feelings and intentions better. To you it means having a family, security and some sort of social status. To him it means responsibility and a loss of freedom! Help him to see that life with you will be only better and not worse. Encourage him and stand by him. He will be able to take the step towards marriage.

Try to share his goals
If he realizes that you share similar goals, visions and hopes. Once he is assured of your support and willingness to partner with him in everything, he will be more open to the idea of settling down with you.

Never blackmail him
Emotional blackmail never works. It is just a way of forcing him to do what you want to do and he will come to resent it. Since it is not worth it, don't do it. Make him love you more by leaving it up to him and giving him the freedom to choose when to propose.

Think of the future
Once you are sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with him and feel in your spirit that he too is ready for commitment, it would do well for both of you to discuss the future. Remember your kids are important and should be born into a happy relationship. When he realizes that marriage is what is best for them - he will propose to you.

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