I Want This Guy to Kiss Me But I Am Not Sure How to Go About it! This Will Make the Process Easier

Published: 09th August 2010
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Women like being the ones being pursued in a relationship. But what happens when you really want a man to kiss you and he doesn't make a move. Men too have their set of inhibitions and the intense fear of being rejected or let down. They often wait for signals from a woman that gives them a nod. So here are a few ways to make a man kiss you.

Look great
To begin with you have to look good, else, why would he get turned on to kiss you. Look beautiful, dream like in fact. Make sure that the clothes that you are wearing are well cut, clean and suit your form. Have a glowing complexion and squeaky clean locks and you are set.

Don't be nervous
Confidence is key when you want a guy to kiss you. After all you will actually be showing him the lead and you cannot be seen as nervous and unsure at this time. If you feel scared and nervous then take a deep breath and then go ahead with all your talking.

Focus on having fun
Your main agenda has to be that of having fun. When you begin to enjoy your time together then automatically the premise of a kiss is set. Have a good time together and enjoy his company and he will automatically begin to want to kiss you.

Have a good sense of humor
Humor can be used to build great conversations, set the right tone and help him get comfortable. It also makes a man enjoy your company a whole lot more. Men always look for women with a good sense of humor so, stock up on your humor quotient.

Stir the conversation
When you want to make a man kiss you, then you will have to learn how to stimulate him verbally as well. Be flirty and stir the conversation towards kissing. Be charming and sexy to a large extent but never be too overt. Witty one-liners and charming retorts is what you should try your hand at. Get him thinking about kissing and you will have your job accomplished.

Move closer to him
Look for ways to move closer to him. Take your face closer to his ear as if you are going to whisper your secret and let him smell your perfume or move in close to his face and look into his eyes as if you are going to kiss him but smile and move away.

Touch him
When you want a man to kiss you, you will also have to break down the touch barrier. Leave your hand on his arm for a little longer or casually touch his leg. This touching is definitely going to get him to kiss you.

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