I Want My Ex to Come Back But I Don't Know What to Do! Here is How You Should Act Around Them

Published: 10th September 2010
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Break ups are normal amongst two people who think they do not have anything common anymore or have just run out of love. They are equally awkward even though the break up was amicable and mutual. But you need to get your act together when you happen to bump into them.

Here are a few tips you can use:

Behave yourself: Break-ups are tough. There are a lot of mal feelings and you can be seething from within. But when you meet him/her in public, you need to be civil. It is best to be cordial and ask after them when they meet you. You cannot be mean and impolite. It would give them a feeling that dumping you was the best thing they did.

Look good: It is a rough patch you are going through but doesn't look like a mess! Get a makeover if it helps you to feel better. Look your best because you are still you and your past is behind you now. Looking your best will also make your ex wonder what they have lost out on!

Be casual and indifferent: Never let him/her get the feeling that you still care, that you are still hurting from being dumped. Act indifferent, do your thing. Be happy and go about things in the most normal way. Look and feel confident. You might meet someone new who might really fall for that smile of yours.

Cut him/her off: As lovers you both were constantly with each other. But now that you lead separate lives, do not talk to him/her all the time. If they communicate, talk to them but keep it short. Do not allow them to know that you need them. Be strong and confident. Let them feel the void.

You are the best: A lot of nasty things might have been said to each other. But it is time you moved on. You need a new direction in life. You need to keep saying and feeling that you are the best because that is the truth and you deserve much better.

Don't be friends: People can rarely pull this off. It is not point of being his/her friend. Being around them is enough to hurt you. So stay away.

Do not give in: Okay so you miss him/her. But never beg them to come back to you. It is over and they do not deserve you.

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