I Want a Certain Guy to Pursue Me But I Don't Know How to Do it! Here Are the Best Ways to Do It

Published: 09th August 2010
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Men like chasing women. It is almost like a game that they play with themselves to satisfy their egos. It is like the hunters spirit that loves the chase. So if you want a man to really value you, you will have to make him pursue you. Here are a few things that could help you do this.

Attract him
The first thing to do is to make him take notice of you and attract him. To do so you will have to make sure that you look really good and make peoples head turn. Wear clothes that make you look pretty and that you are comfortable in. Never make the clothes wear you, you will look uncomfortable and unattractive.

Don't show him you are interested
Just because you have spotted the man you like doesn't mean that you will go all out and show him that you are interested in him. If you want a man to pursue you, you will have to act indifferent to his existence till he makes his interest apparent.

Make eye contact
When you feel he is looking in your direction use the opportunity to establish eye contact. Smile when you look at him as that will make him know that you are open to talking to him but do no more. Wait for him to walk up to you and begin a conversation.

Chat up
When he comes to talk to you keep the conversation light and breezy. Ask him questions about him but don't express too much of interest. Keep the questions informal and light and don't make them personal. Sticking to hobbies, interests and job roles is the safest bet.

Be mysterious
Don't reveal too much about yourself. Have an aura of mystery about you. When you want him to pursue you, you have to make him dig for as much information. Spring surprises about yourself in the conversation to keep up his interest levels and make him want to know more about you.

Be a keen listener
Be the kind of woman who can keep her trap shut and listen to a man. Pay attention to what he is saying, ask questions and make him feel interesting. This is a very unique way of making a man feel special without doing much. Once you are able to display this he will pursue you as a person like you is rare to find.

Conceal your excitement
He will ask you out but to keep the chase alive, don't say yes just yet. Give him you number and ask him to call you. Make it seem like you have a full social calendar and he will pursue you till you relent.

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