I Hurt My Ex, Now How Do I Undo the Damage? 5 Steps to Undo the Hurt and Reverse a Breakup!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Well, if you have caused your ex pain, or have made some pretty bad mistakes, you can in fact undo them and reverse the breakup! Read on to find out the 5 steps to undo the hurt and reverse a breakup....

Step #5: Keep things simple

o Don't complicate things, and don't make excuses. A lot of people tend to start complicating things by arguing the facts, or by adding irrelevant things into the mix, and this only makes your ex think of it more!
o Only say what is necessary, and don't cloud anything up or try and mask anything either. Keep things simple, because the more you complicate things, the more irritated your ex can get, and the more you force them to think about the bad things.

Step #4: Keep things to the point

o Instead of beating around the bush or blaming your ex, admit EXACTLY where you went wrong. Always stay on the point.
o If your ex is talking about the pain they feel, don't immediately turn it around to the things you are feeling, but rather always stay on topic and keep things to the point.
o Your ex will find it irresponsible if you are always beating around the bush, and will feel as if you aren't listening when you take things away from the main point.

Step #3: Keep your word

o If you say you are going to change, keep your promise. You may not view it as a promise, but your WORD is seen as a promise to your ex after a breakup.
o The fastest way to break the trust completely and lose your ex forever is to break your word, so always make sure you are doing what you are saying, as this will help build the trust again and will surely make your ex want to take you back.

Step #2: Keep living life

o Sometimes our expectations on others is what kills the relationship, and it may also be the same thing which made your ex want to break up with you.
o Perhaps you were too needy, too clingy, or had too much insecurity...and now you desperately want your ex back. BUT, he/she won't take you back under these circumstances!
o Instead, keep living life, and tackle each insecurity you have so that your ex can see you are strong, and so that you can be the person your ex originally fell in love with again!

Step #1: Forgive yourself and apologize

o If you cannot forgive yourself, you will never be able to move on, and neither will your ex, so learn to forgive yourself, because you are ABOVE the past.
o Apologize for the places where you went wrong, and this will help ease the pain and make your ex understand that you are making a real effort to change.

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