I Am Wondering How to Make My Ex Talk to Me - Here Are 4 Sure Fire Ways Which Work Well

Published: 07th September 2010
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A breakup can slice right through the hearts of those involved. If your breakup has ended with wounded spirits on both sides then your ex could be very reluctant to talk to you.

However, you will still need to open up communication lines if you want to pursue any hopes of reconciliation. Here are some helpful tips that could open those reluctant lips and get your ex to talk to you again.

o Allow your ex to release all remaining anger: A breakup can result in a lot of frustrated emotions being bottled up. If you explode on your ex every time he/she tries to explain his/her point of view, it is obvious that he/she will clam up and give you the silent treatment.

Let your ex release all remaining anger and angst on you without arguing. Your ex will now not have any more anger left towards you and over time is sure to feel guilty for letting it all out on you.

o Shift your focus towards topics that do not evoke strong reactions: Instead of harping on the breakup each time you bump into your ex, make sure to steer towards topics of common interest. This will lead your ex to the comfort zone and make him/her open up towards you.

However, do not make it obvious that you are trying to butter your ex up since your ex might simply see through your actions.

o Insert light humor into your conversation: If your ex used to love your sense of humor then over time, try to infuse your conversation with light doses of humor. It will not only make your ex comfortable in your presence again but also make him/her nostalgic of old times when both of you enjoyed talking together as a couple.

o Send over your feelings in writing: If your ex is truly agitated and refuses to talk then writing your feelings in a letter should help calm matters down. You can also send an email, although sending small text messages over the phone should be avoided.

A hand-written letter will indicate that you have put in extra efforts to salvage the relationship and your ex will surely respond once he/she is moved by your words.

Remaining optimistic and taking positive and calm action towards resolving unpleasant issues will help in melting your ex's anger.

Once your ex is out of that anger zone then he/she is sure to open up slowly towards your verbal or written overtures and you can carefully guide all future conversations towards an emotional reunion.

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