I Am Scared That My Man Might Leave Me! Here is How to Keep Him & Ensure He Never Leaves You

Published: 11th August 2010
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It is only natural to want to have your man around forever! Many women fail to keep their men satisfied and thus end up lonely and heartbroken. To make sure you don't end up this way, follow these effective tips and learn to keep your man.

Keep the romance alive
Don't let the romance die down. Do romantic things like planning a candle light dinner for two, an outing by the sea and other stuff that will keep him excited and in love. Tuck away little love notes for him to find while he's away from you at work. Not only will he look forward to these romantic gestures but will also reciprocate in the same manner.

Don't get complacent
Once you know you have hooked your man you can tend to get slack and complacent. This is dangerous because you could easily take your man for granted and eventually lose his love and interest.

Don't lose shape
Another area that needs a lot of attention from you is your body. Remember the days when he couldn't get enough of you? Well you were sexy and gorgeous then! Make sure you keep in shape and don't lose that sex appeal. You will definitely keep your man this way.

Show him you have the brains too!
Beauty with brains is very attractive. Be on top of things and make sure you are savvy and well informed on issues that mean a lot to him. If he is the sporty type, be as passionate as he is about his favorite sport and hero. He will absolutely love to discuss stuff with you and won't need to turn to his friends!

Don't suffocate him

Smothering him is a sure sign to make him want to flee! Give him his much needed private space and be genuinely happy when he goes out with his friends once in a while. Nothing will make him want to be in a relationship more than knowing that he is trusted and does not have to lose his "freedom".

Don't be impatient with him
A little patience goes a long, long way! To have patience with your man is to understand him. This also means that you are willing to give him a lot of rope and accept his weaknesses and failures. This attitude will only prove to him that you love him unconditionally.

Speak from your heart
Always make sure to communicate and speak to your man from your heart. You should do this without making him feel guilty angry. Let him know your true feelings and how you feel about things. This will encourage him to be as honest and he will feel no need to leave you or be sly in any way.

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