I Am Scared That My Boyfriend May Never Propose! Here is What You Must Read Right Now

Published: 23rd August 2010
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It really can be very hard if you are in a long term relationship with your guy and he doesn't seem to want to propose. Seeing family and friends of your age get married makes it worse. Here are some reasons as to why your boyfriend has not asked you to marry him and how you can get him to pop the question without actually forcing him.

Marriage is not a priority for him
It could be that your boyfriend is just not ready to settle down while you are. Moreover he may not realize that you can't wait to get married and are stressed about the fact that he is not yet ready. All you have to do is gently and diplomatically let him know that you are thinking of a future together.

Fears about marriage
Some men have fears about being with the same girl for the rest of their lives. Others are afraid of the whole idea of the wedding and all that it entails. Your boyfriend could be terrified of taking on new responsibility.

He needs to be sure that you're it!
Even though you have been in a relationship for a pretty long time, it could be that your boyfriend is still not sure that you are the woman for him. This sounds pretty selfish but if it is true you should try to prove it to him. Show him that you are perfect for him and make him feel loved and cherished. This will give him more confidence.

Familiarity breeds contempt
Sometimes when a relationship goes on for too long and each other's flaws and weaknesses are evident, then one or both feel that marriage is not going to work. If you still love your boyfriend in spite of his flaws it proves that you really love him. However this should be the way he should feel about you too.

Ease his fears
One way to ease his fears about the future is to discuss it. You could plan the future and find out if you and your boyfriend have similar ideas, mindset and views about kids, the house and other issues. Once he knows what you think about marriage, it will help him to put things in perspective and make a move one way or the other.

Don't nag or pester him
One of the surest ways of getting your boyfriend to run away is to nag him to get married. If he is not yet ready to make a commitment, he will feel boxed in and trapped. There is no way you will get him to propose if you try to emotionally blackmail him.

He doesn't feel the need
If your boyfriend is getting all the advantages of being married while he's with you, then why should he think that marriage is going to make it any better? If you are sold out on marriage then you should let your boyfriend know that its marriage or nothing!

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