I Am Interested in This Guy But He is Younger Than Me! How Do I Keep Him Interested? Follow This Now

Published: 10th August 2010
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Men are clearly attracted to women. But you can't blame them if they can be attracted to a much older (or much matured) woman. While men are typically turned on with the maturity and confidence that older women exude, these older women are worried that the fascination may soon wear out. If you are in a relationship with a younger man, no matter what the age gap is, here are some tips to keep your man interested in you.

Be mindful of your looks.
Appearance is important most especially with men. They are attracted to a sight of beauty. Since you are in a relationship with him, he must find you beautiful. The only thing to worry about is maintain your youthful appearance. Make sure to look as good as when you first met him.

Be youthful and adventurous.
From youthfulness comes adventure. Men are drawn to youthfulness, not to youth literally but to the aspects of being youth. They like the energy and the upbeat lifestyle. Try to keep up with that and be adventurous. Remember that age is only a number.

Allow him to have his own life.
The reason why men are attracted to older women is because they let them live their lives. They are not too needy or clingy as some younger women are. This is your advantage. Men like freedom to go about a day and still return to a girlfriend who would not question him regarding his whereabouts.

Let him make you happy.
Tell him what makes you happy and he would be more than willing to provide you that happiness. Men like to feel in charge. Even if you are older than him, allow him to have the authority once in a while.

Be much more confident than younger women.
Your man likes you because you have had more experience in life than the other girls. He likes you because with your experiences, you have gained more confidence than the rest. Be secure that you are a fabulous woman and this guy is lucky to have you.

Don't blame him.
Younger men are attracted with older women because they are mature. So be mature and stop the blaming game. However childish he might get, remember that you are in a relationship with someone younger. Expect that he will act his age.

Appreciate him at all times.
You have a more open mind and since you're a woman, you would be more prone to appreciation of things. If he feels accepted and loved, the more he would want to keep the relationship.

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