How to Win a Man's Heart - Super Effective Tricks to Win His Heart & Make Him Want You Forever

Published: 01st September 2010
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In terms of relationships, winning a man's heart is something that every girl wishes to achieve. However, there are some instances wherein it is quite difficult to completely win a man's heart because there are times when the relationship starts to fall apart and if that happens, it can be quite hard to win back a man's heart. If you want to win a man's heart, here are some tips for you:

1. Make an effort to look good
Men tend to be more attracted in the physical aspect so if you want to win a man's heart, you need to make an effort to look good. Regularly visit the salon to have your pampering because this will help you in eliminating your stress. You can also visit the gym and work out for a hotter body.

2. Be an achiever
To win a man's heart, you should impress him with your achievements. With your achievements, a man would be impressed at how you are able to handle your time and focus your attention to things while you are also excelling. Men love women who are achievers.

3. Do not be intimidating
True enough, men love women who are achievers but you should not overdo it because you can appear intimidating to him. Stay humble despite your achievements and do not brag about it because this will have a negative effect to men. Men would feel that they are not needed because of the achievements that you have been bragging.

4. Increase his self esteem
Of course, other than trying to impress him, it would also help if you are going to increase his self esteem. There are many ways to do this, as men are quite easy to please. Only say sincere words or compliments and he'd immediately feel that he's special and his self esteem would increase.

5. Have a sense of humor
Sometimes, you're becoming too serious in your life that you almost forgot to laugh or to smile. When he jokes, you should give it a laugh. If you are too serious when he is around, he'd feel uncomfortable towards you won't be able to win his heart that way.

6. Don't be too conscious about yourself
In order to gain the attraction of men, you should not be too self conscious which can break your self-confidence. Instead, just be who you are and carry yourself confidently.

7. Listen and be a good conversationalist
While you are trying to win a man's heart, you need to practice your communication skills. You should be a good listener and a conversationalist. Start witty conversations but also listen to what your man has to say.

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