How to Win a Man of Your Dreams! Stop Settling For Losers & Know How to Finally Win Your Dream Man

Published: 09th August 2010
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Most women have their own idea of the ideal "dream man" burned into their mind at any early age. He is their Prince Charming, their Knight in Shining Armor, their Man-For-All-Seasons. The problem most women have is in knowing how to win that man over once they eventually find him. Here are some of the best ways you can grab hold of your dream man's heart and make him yours.

Bewitch him
You know you have the power to effect men's hearts, so use it. Be enchanting to get his attention and have him thinking about you long after you've first met and every day thereafter. Flirting is an art form, and when you know how to do it properly, it never fails to affect the male brain and heart.

Show him your confidence
Some women adopt the woman-in-distress role almost as soon as they meet their dream guy - that's a big mistake. Sure, it's cute to casually drop something and see if he picks it up for you, but unless you want a man who is looking for a helpless woman to take care of you need to show some self-fortitude. If he doesn't respect your confidence, he will never really fall for you.

Allow him to hunt
Don't be too eager to draw him to you. Men are hardwired for the hunt, and their favorite thing to hunt is women! Make yourself available, but only to a limited degree. Ensure that he knows he will have to chase you and vie for your attention. Most men subconsciously realize that anything that is easy to get is seldom worth having.

Don't clutter the field
If you've found the man of your dreams, be sure that while he is chasing you there aren't endless numbers of other hunters out in the field as well. In other words, don't try to date multiple men while you pursue your dream man. If he is as dreamy as you believe him to be, he won't appreciate having t navigate through other suitors to win your heart.

Befriend him
Once you've captured his attention and his interest, you have to befriend him. Men never make the love connection until they feel that you are their friend, so make sure that the two of you do more than simply go out at night. Be sure to do some of those "guy" things with him as well so that he realizes you are someone who can be his companion for life.

Be versatile
Remember the old saying about being a princess on his arm but a savage in the bedroom? Well, that's what every man wants: someone who is elegant and ladylike in public, but wild and full of abandon in private.

Avoid the Drama
Above all, try to keep your life in some sort of order. Men almost instinctively avoid the type of soap opera drama on which many women thrive, so if you want to win the man of your dreams, you should avoid having your drama spill over into your relationship with him.

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