How to Use Reverse Psychology to Pull Your Ex Back! 3 Things Which Instantly Change Your Ex's Mind!

Published: 07th September 2010
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What if you could literally change your ex's mind and make them take you back, just by using a few simple tricks? You may not think it's possible, because you have found it difficult to change your ex's mind, but it is in fact possible all you have to do is know exactly how the mind works....

Read on to find out the 3 things which will instantly change your ex's mind....

I don't want you....

The very first psychological trick is to pretend and act like you don't want your ex. This trick works, because it immediately uses reverse psychology to convince your ex that they are being rejected and left alone, and therefore makes them instantly want to seek your attention to avoid having to deal with those feelings.

When you act as if you no longer want your ex, you also slightly make them envious; because they will wonder what it is that is replacing them and making you no longer chase them. They have in fact grown accustomed to having you chase them, and the lack of this behavior in their life will definitely make them want to change their mind and want you back instantly.

I don't care about you...

It's one thing to not want someone, but it's a completely different topic to NOT CARE about someone. But, when you show your ex that you no longer care about them, they will feel really deprived and will immediately seek your approval and affection.

Human beings have a basic need to be loved, accepted, and wanted; and the instant they feel this need is no longer being met they feel emotionally deprived and the emptiness that results because of this feeling works as reverse psychology to make your ex want you more!

Since you were the one fulfilling your ex's emotional needs, they will go nuts when you suddenly act as if you don't care, and he/she will try and force you to care again, by desperately chasing you.


Jealousy is one of the sickest and most effective reverse psychology tricks known to mankind, because it immediately makes anyone who experiences it feel a whole ball of nasty emotions, from love, to hate, to envy....

In the end, when you make your ex jealous, you inadvertently force them to want you back no matter what, and this in turn works like reverse psychology, wherein you literally change your ex's mind about you and immediately make them chase you around again.

To make your ex jealous, all you have to do is literally openly flirt with someone they know, directly in front of them. Or, you can befriend his/her friends and then make your ex jealous.

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