How to Tell If Your Ex Wants You Back? Know This Before Your Ex Finds Someone Else

Published: 10th September 2010
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It takes time to heal the wound caused by a breakup. You can't just say "get over it" because a certain amount of time is needed to get over a separation. After months of trying to get over the breakup you think that you are finally succeeding. But deep inside you still want to know if your ex wants you back. How can you tell?

Has your ex been checking out your social sites? - See if your ex has been stalking your social sites. Set your Facebook or MySpace to private so that your ex just has to log in to see your site. Has your ex been "tweeting "some really tacky stuff that only you could understand? If so, your ex still cares for you.

Have you been seeing a lot of your ex in "accidental" meetings? - Have you been bumping into your ex in the most unlikely places of late? Your ex might be stalking you. He or she wants to know who you are with and where you are. It is more likely that your ex just wants to see how you are therefore he/she still cares for you.

Ask your ex's friends - what your ex is up to. It is a given that you communicate with your ex's friends. It is pretty obvious that they know the going-ons with your ex's life. Ask directly if your ex still cares for you. It is possible that your ex had blurted out his/her true feelings to you to his/her friends.

Your ex calls you - and asked how you are. This is a positive sign that your ex still cares for you. Maybe the separation led your ex to think things over and it led him or her into the conclusion that he/she still cares for you. The next step is up to you. Do you want your ex back or have moved on?

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