How to Tell If Your Ex Wants You Back! 4 Simple Yet Effective Ways Which Will Make Everything Clear

Published: 07th September 2010
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Something is up with your ex, but you simply can't figure out what that is. Why are they always around you? Could it be, maybe, they still like me? Read these four ways to find out if your ex wants you back. You could be missing some important signs!

They call you every now and then at odd times: Your phone rings at around 1a.m. When you answer, it's your ex calling to wish you a good night. What's up with that? It's obvious that your ex is calling you to let you know they are still there and that they still like you.

They turn up for special dates or events: Your parents are having a wedding anniversary party and there they are! Your ex is among the guests! They definitely still have feelings for you.

Another apparent way to tell if your wants you back is if they always manage to show up for your birthday or the day that used to be your anniversary. They are trying to let you know that they want you back and continue to feel part of your life.

They ask you out but only for coffee...An excuse for a date: Your ex calls you to ask you out for a cup of coffee from time to time. When you are with them, they keep the chat informal and amusing, while still showing that they are very glad to be with you.

If your ex still seeks your company and does all sorts of things to be around you, then it's clear they want you back. However, they won't beg you or make a scene. They'll talk about current events or other subjects of your interest. And certainly, they will try to make you laugh.

They delicately take you back you to the good old days: You don't know how but they always seem to mention that passionate weekend trip you had a few months ago. They have a gift for inserting memories of your good old days into the conversation, no matter what the topic is.

If your ex is always trying to jog your memory of the good old days, it's most likely because they want to come back to your side. The way they look at you when they remember that first kiss or the getaway to Mexico clearly shows how important you are to them, and how much they want you back.

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