How to Tell If Your Ex Still Likes You! Here is How to Easily Read Your Ex's Mind & Know the Truth

Published: 05th August 2010
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If, after a bitter breakup, your ex realizes that he/she is still madly in love with you then he/she will surely initiate a plan to win you back.

Here are some moves that your ex might make in a bid to win your love back and return into your loving arms again.

Increased level of contact
You might notice your ex calling you for petty reasons and trying to extend the conversation even after a particular problem might be resolved.

Your ex could be trying to get you to open up to him/her even as his/her tone of voice would definitely have softened to a great extent.

Reacting shyly when you meet
You ex might react shyly to you when you do bump into each other on the corner, or at the mall, which not surprisingly would have increased since your ex could well be monitoring your routine.

Your ex might smile more, look at you with puppy eyes and even look down while speaking to you instead of searing you with laser vision as in the past.

Your ex goes in for a makeover
Your ex might also go in for a major makeover in a bid to surprise you and to evoke feelings of desire within you.

He/She might flaunt that new look at a party and might even try to make you jealous by flirting a little while also keeping an eye on you at all times.

Your ex might try to worm out information from mutual friends
Your ex might also try to worm out information about your life, your routine and especially your dating status from mutual friends.

Your ex might show visible relief at your single status or might breathe balls of fire if you had started to date again.

Your ex agrees to help you out without creating hurdles
Previously, your ex might not have agreed to help you out or might have imposed certain conditions while helping you out.

However, if you notice that lately your ex seems to be actually happy in helping you without creating any hurdles then love is surely in the air.

Your ex stops speaking rudely about you in public
Your ex might have exhaled fire whilst talking about you in public or in front of mutual friends.

But if you suddenly notice that your ex seems to have forgotten the past, forgiven you for the breakup, and started to speak nicely about you in public then your ex has surely replaced hatred with love.

Your ex asks for a serious meeting through mutual friends
If your ex can no longer wait to tell you how he/she feels about you then he/she might ask for a serious meeting through mutual friends.

This meeting would be to inform you on how much your ex has missed you and the possibilities of eliminating all roadblocks that stand in the path of a new and improved relationship.

You should remain alert to spot these signs that indicate that your ex still likes you in-spite of the breakup and is willing to take action to win your love back.

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