How to Tell If a Man is Falling For You? This Will Show You How to Read His Mind Within Seconds

Published: 01st September 2010
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You've been trying for months to catch the attention of your dream guy. He seems to be interested at times and yet you have your doubts as to whether he is really falling in love with you. There are plenty of ways to know for sure whether the guy is falling head over heels in love with you. Read these tips and check for yourself!

Is he always around?
It is obvious that if the guy is falling for you, then he will try to be wherever you are. If you find that you seem to be bumping into him continuously - it's not difficult to see that these meetings are not coincidental. Confirm this by testing him a couple of times more and be thrilled that he wants to be in your line of vision.

Is he talking of you to everyone?
If you find that every time you meet mutual friends or even some of his friends for the first time, they seem to know everything about you, then it means that he is talking about you. You are on his mind and he is obsessed about you. He can't help talking about you because he's falling for you.

Does he show flashes of jealousy?
If the guy turns green with jealousy every time you show up with another guy or when the guys ogle you, it shows that he likes you and wants you for himself. He also will try to put you "off" the competition, but tell you uncomplimentary stuff about them.

Does he "preen" in front of you?
A guy who wants you to think he's the best guy around by trying to be either "Superman" or "Prince Charming" is out to impress you. He wants you to choose him over the others.

His body language will give him away
Be careful to catch the signals he will send you if he likes you. When he makes eye contact, sends you flowers or even missed calls, it is obvious he is falling for you. Extra attention he pays you and little curtsies he pays you will let you know for sure.

Does he always smile at you and try to catch your eye?
This type of behavior is typical of a man in love. The guy will always try to monopolize you and try to be close to you. He may even hang on to your every word and laugh at all your jokes.

Does he flirt with you?
This is the most obvious sign that he is interested in you. Once you know for sure that he is interested in you, you can test him further by flirting back. Once you take the relationship a step further, you can find out if he is really interested in making things work.

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