How to Tell If a Guy Wants to Date You! Here Are the Tricks Which Will Show You His True Intentions

Published: 06th August 2010
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A man who is a novice when it comes to dating and relationships will find it difficult to ask his eyed girl on a date. On the contrary, women first-timers will not easily recognize the signs that a guy will show when he wants to ask you out on a date. It's not easy to differentiate if a guy just wants to get acquainted or is already emotionally attached to you.

Here are some of the cues that will hint you that he wants to date you out:

Talks to you for a long time
A person who has just been introduced to you will not take much time to chat with you if he doesn't find you interesting at all. During your talk, it is his chance to gain your trust and confidence in him.

Asks for you number
Without initiating it, a guy who wants to continue your communication definitely will ask for your contact number. Having it and getting in touch with you is a sign that he enjoys your company and would want to reinforce your budding friendship with a date sooner or later.

Asks for your schedule
"Are you free tonight?" is an infamous line that precedes the question of asking you out for a date. Giving him knowledge of your free time will allow him to ask for that time to be scheduled for a date with him.

Introduces you to his friends
Doing so may indicate that he is proud to have you around. This also shows that he is opening his personal life to you and would want you to be part of it, too.

Making his way out to where you are
A guy who will travel miles just to reach you means more than just him wanting to be with you. He wants you to realize that he spent hours traveling because he's willing to make that sacrifice for you.

Offers to pick you up at your place
When you try to avoid a date with him, a guy who is persistent will insist on picking you up instead so that his offer of dating him will not be declined.

When he tells you he misses you
Obviously, when he does, it is implied that he would want to see you and bond with you once more. A guy telling a woman that he misses her talks from the deepest recesses of his emotions and his heart so hear him out!

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